So soft – carpeting your home

There’s just something about taking your shoes off and having something soft underfoot that instantly makes you feel relaxed and at home. As John McClain said, ‘Fists with your toes’. Carpet is just the thing to take you from comfort to full blown cosy.

Let us take you through the benefits and features of choosing carpet as your flooring either through your entire home, or maybe just certain areas like the bedrooms.

Insulation properties

We’ve talked about the cosy, but did you know carpet works as an insulator? Carpet can keep indoors a comfortable temperature whether it’s warm or cold outside.

Want a whisper quiet home?

Chairs legs scraping across floors… footsteps pounding down hallways… not into it? Reducing not only the noise against your flooring but also noise travelling through rooms and levels can be assisted through using carpet. It sounds like to you could easily enjoy an early morning cuppa without disturbing the rest of the family when you have carpet.

Safe and soft

Carpet provides a slip-free and sure footing surface, along with a soft landing in case of falls. Maybe you’re not considering that right now, but depending on who the flooring is for this may be worth considering.


So many product choices

Here’s the nitty gritty on carpet choices… there is just so many styles and combinations.

With carpet we can consider different product types for different uses. From carpet fibre, triexta, wool/wool blend, solution dyed nylon and poly carpets. A huge range of colours and styles (piles).

eco+ Triexta – our most popular carpet product that comes with in built life time protection, making it super easy to clean – only cold water is needed to wash off the most stubborn household stains.

Wool/wool blend – the beautiful 100 % natural carpet product wool has the softest and most luxurious feel underfoot. It does, however, have the slight con of not bouncing back to shape as easily as other products. Therefore, in high traffic areas, or where furniture is placed the carpet can crush. Adding a second fibre (such as a nylon) to create a blend can help assist with fibre crush, though it does alter the look and feel of the carpet somewhat.

Solution dyed nylon, a more affordable flooring option that has the benefit of a huge range of colours. As the name suggests, colour dye easily adheres to the nylon fibres. The carpet can also be made in all types of styles, i.e. all cut piles, all loop piles and all combination piles (see the diagram of piles in the image below).

Poly carpets. If you’re budget is really stretched but you really want a smart looking carpeting option, polypropylene is made from synthetic fibres and comes in a wide range of stain resistant colours. Not the product we’d recommend if you’re really after that soft underfoot feel, but it has it’s place in carpeting choices.

Styles pile types

Cut pile plush 

Level loop pile 

Textured cut and loop pile

Cut pile twist

Multi level loop

Level cut and loop pile


We always believe it’s better to touch and feel with a product that your using in our home. Our showrooms have a fantastic range of carpet samples on display that you can see up close and take home to help make your choice.

Speak to our flooring experts about your carpeting choice today.