Refresh your decks with re-sanding and re-coating

After a Summer of fun we’re all in need of a bit of a refresh and our decks are no different.

We’ve talked about the powerful effects of power scrubbing on your timber flooring and decking but if your decks become worn, bleached or stained re-sanding and oiling is the most effective way to bring it closest to its original beauty. After a few years in the harsh Australian elements, it is worth investing in re-sanding and re-coating to get the most life out of your deck.

Whilst many DIYer’s choose to undertake re-sanding projects themselves it has its challenges, including use of harsh chemicals, restoring the condition of the deck prior to sanding and most importantly the time it takes to prepare and complete.

The benefit of oiled decks is that the surface film does not need to be removed and it can be cleaned off the deck and reapplying the oil or stain. If, however, the deck is in a lesser condition, then a deck cleaning product may be used or sanding may be considered. This is where the experience of an expert is really worthwhile in getting the best outcome.

Our team can check prior to refurbishing a deck that it is clean, that the gaps between board edges are clear and assess the condition of the deck and which finish has previously been used as this will affect what is required.

With traditional sanding and particularly when using oils it is important not to over sand the deck as this will inhibit penetration of the oil. This is where it is an advantage for an experienced deck sander to manage the project.

If your interested in bringing your decks back to their original beauty give the team at Mint Floors and Shutters a call for an obligation free quote.