Inspired by a fashionably gritty New York borough, the newly opened Riley St Garage (November 2013) focuses on fresh-shucked oysters and modern Australian dishes, finely tuned by head chef Regan Porteous (formerly of Toko and Maze, London).

The building provided me with this inspiration, with an open lofty feel, it actually reminded me of the Meatpacking area in New York. The beautiful raw bricks and ornate steel beams and windows have been highlighted as we worked to maintain the originality of the 1934 building. There’s a nod to the art deco era everything we have designed, from the bathrooms through to the beautiful brass art-deco inspired details, such as wall lighting, custom mirrors and down pipes. It’s a large restaurant, but it still has a very intimate feel. Says owner Mr. Petersen

Firstly the name of the restaurant, Riley Street Garage, came about due to its history as Lessy’s Full Service Garage, the entire concept really is based on the sites history. We have highlighted the original elements, because It feels that this is what makes the restaurant what it is. The beautiful old 1930s building that once housed Lessey’s Drive Yourself (a car hire business), and more recently, a private parking lot.

The challenge for Calida Projects and Mint Floors when refurbishing this heritage listed building and fitting out a new bar & 200 seats restaurant, was to maintain the old New York style look and feel. So we have incorporated the dark Solid Timber Floors to help achieve this with class and style

Who made this project happen

Flooring Selection Mint Floors & Shutters
Builder Calida
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The timber choice

  • We used “Grey Ironbark” solid hardwood flooring in “Feature” grade, 80x19mm Tongue and groove profile.
  • Installed over Rubber acoustic matting and plywood underlay.
  • Finished with a dark stain and modified oil finish by Feast Watson


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