Encore is the Ultimate ‘Boutique’ Development that Provides an Enviable Beachside Lifestyle.

Encore comprises two symmetrical buildings, divided by the lobby and the lift core. This creates separation, allowing for the premium placement of just two apartments per floor. By eliminating hotel-style corridors it enhances each occupant’s feelings of privacy, security and exclusivity.

It has just five two-bedroom apartments and five three-bedroom apartments. All are unashamedly designed and constructed for owner-occupiers. Encore was completed in April 2017 and is fully occupied.

Mints flooring system was specifically designed alongside Helm to give insulation and sound deadening properties. Helm have a specific design that we have helped with throughout their past projects to create a unique style which is now becoming their trademark look.

Who made this project happen

Flooring Selection Mint Floors & Shutters
Builder HELM Properties

The timber choice

  • Spotted Gum Hardwood floors
  • Sanding & coating floors with 3 coats of Satin Urethane finish

Click here to see more about the Spotted Gum Hardwood floors.