Vinyl Plank Flooring for your Bathroom, Kitchen, Commercial use, and more

Vinyl and lino are among the newest and most popular types of flooring today, offering a versatile, durable, and realistic-looking product at an affordable price. Here we have a range of types from vinyl plank flooring to tile lino in different styles and materials so there is sure to be something for every home and workplace. Check out some of our options below as well as the advantages of these kinds of flooring to find the right kind to suit you. 

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a synthetic product made from fibreglass, PVC vinyl, and a plasticizer. Available in vinyl tiles, planks, and sheet vinyl, there are many different styles and types to consider when you are looking to buy. You can get luxury vinyl plank which looks and feels more like a proper hardwood floor and is easily installed through to cheap vinyl flooring which is usually thinner, less realistic, and can wear away more easily. 

The best brands can mimic the exact species and colour of wood that you want for your home without breaking the bank, from beautiful ashy white to grey to red wood look vinyl flooring available to choose from. 

You can also go for ceramic, stone, or concrete look vinyl flooring if that is more to your taste, it really is up to you with this fantastic and versatile material. 

Lino Flooring

Unlike vinyl, linoleum can be made from natural materials like pine rosin, linseed oil, and cork. Again this is a great and durable choice for your floors maintaining its pattern for longer and it is usually the eco-friendlier choice, keeping the biodegradable properties of its natural materials. 

With fewer options again due to its natural materials in terms of patterns and styles, lino is nevertheless a great choice for many floors. It is easy to clean and easier and cheaper to install than many of its flooring competition and has been a solid and successful option for over 150 years.

Advantages and best uses

Vinyl and lino flooring are both excellent types of flooring for both home and commercial use, with vinyl often getting the upper hand for durability. All of our vinyl floors are 100% waterproof making them perfect for moisture-rich environments that aren’t as good for other materials. Whether you are doing up your bathroom and kitchen, an industrial space, or place of work there is a type of vinyl for you. 

Some come as sticky or adhesive tiles that you can put down, while some luxury and other types come with our simple click and lock installation, meaning laying your vinyl floor couldn’t be easier. 

Between the price, the ease of putting it together or laying it down, and the realistic look and number of options from herringbone and parquet to colour and material it is easy to see why vinyl is so popular and could be the right choice for you.

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