Hybrid flooring with multiple colours available with our cheap floor plank price per m2

Hybrid flooring combines the best of vinyl and laminate flooring to bring you an exceptional product you can use anywhere and that will last. Already better value than a lot of the materials out there, we now have many styles available at an even cheaper price making it a truly spectacular choice for any home or workplace. 

What is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring is made from a core composite board with an acoustic underlay underneath and a decorative printed layer and a commercial-grade protective coating on the top. The newly engineered final product, therefore, has many qualities that are worth expanding on to aid you in your decision to select this type of flooring over the many others on offer today.

Is hybrid flooring good value?

There are indeed cheaper options for flooring out there but they are often cheaper for a reason. One of the downsides of laminate flooring is that it can’t take much water making it unsuitable for moisture-rich environments. In rooms like the bathroom and kitchen where spills and splashes are a common part of life water ends up on the floor, and in the case of laminate this could cause warping and damage – hybrid flooring on the other hand is very different. 

100% waterproof 

Hybrid laminate flooring however is 100% waterproof, making it an excellent choice for every room and household. It is also easier to clean and maintain, essential in most houses and especially those with pets, children and anyone that makes the occasional mess.


As well as being waterproof, the best hybrid flooring is also long-lasting due to its protective coating. This means your luxury hybrid flooring will be stain and scratch resistant and won’t wear down like many of the products on the market. While you could do some damage if you wanted to, it isn’t easy to do so, and even if you do end up with one or two hybrid planks that need replacing over time it couldn’t be easier. 

Easy installation 

The click and lock simple installation also makes it possible to quickly replace a part of your floor without replacing the whole, so once you have bought your new floor you should have a quality floor that lasts. 

Unbeatable aesthetics and design options 

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your new floor is of course how it looks. From natural oak hybrid flooring to all kinds of colours and styles, there is something for everyone and at a much cheaper price than hardwood would be. Hybrid wood flooring is crafted to look nearly identical to the real thing letting you have your dream look floor without being too out of pocket.

Great feeling underfoot & quality acoustics 

Finally, our hybrid floorboards also feel and sound great, avoiding the noise or hollowness that can be so annoying in other materials. The core layer ensures your step is solid while the inbuilt or extra acoustic underlay ensures a pleasant lack of noise as well. 

Great value for money

Ordinarily, the cost of hybrid flooring would seem good value considering all of the benefits and the lack of further costs down the road, and here we have even better value for truly excellent products, so have a look at our hybrid flooring online. You already know it is the right material, so now decide which colours and styles would best suit your home and get ready to install your perfect new floor. 

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