Solid Overlay Flooring

Solid overlay solid strip flooring (10 or 13mm thick) has been designed for those who love the style and warmth of a solid timber floor, but don’t have the traditional bearers and joists sub-floor structure.

Solid overlay flooring is designed to be glued down directly over concrete, existing timber flooring, or plywood, as long as the existing floor is clean, dry and flat. Solid overlay flooring is ideal for installing in ground floor renovations over a concrete slab or second storey refurbishments where the carpet has been pulled up and the sub-floor is still in place. Precision milled to 13mm or 10mm thick, the board is thinner than 19mm traditional solid strip flooring. Because Solid overlay flooring is laid directly over a structural surface such as concrete or plywood, it is well supported and the additional 6mm thickness is not required. However, when compared to traditional 19mm solid strip flooring, Solid overlay flooring still offers the same depth of wear, providing a number of refinishes for a lifetime of enjoyment.