What are the latest flooring trends?

Staying across the latest trends helps you define your style and make the selections based on what will best suit your home. Here we share what our customers have been asking for and where we see trends heading in design choices.

Hamptons style

You’re probably familiar with the term Hamptons style, a reference to the architecture and design style made popular in the area of Long Island, New York. Think large light-filled windows, grey, white and natural tones throughout and coastal inspired interiors.

A quick scroll on Pinterest and it’s easy to see how this style has become popular in Australia. It’s definitely been given a quintessentially local perspective with an Aussie East Coast vibe and more relaxed finishes.

Hydroplank Hamptons

As timber flooring is a main feature of Hamptons style we can help you in nailing that look. Options are available across all flooring types (hardwood, engineered flooring, laminate, hybrid and vinyl).

Engineered and hardwood floorboards have the most extensive range of choice that matches the Hamptons style including Mint Engineered Oak Raw, Oak Aged Ivory, Oak Limed & Brushed White. Suggested hardwoods include American Oak and Australian Beech.

Another trend to watch in Hamptons style when treating staircases is the use of white rises and timber treads.


Hybrid flooring

An emerging trend is the popularity of hybrid flooring. Haven’t heard of it? If you’re just starting your flooring research journey you soon will.

It’s rise in popularity is largely due to its 100% waterproof feature. The three layers of flooring include a vinyl top, stone or wood plastic composite core and rubber backing, meaning no underlay is required.

There is a huge selection of styles and colour choices and definitely worth a closer look, especially if being used in apartments as it is a great noise reducing floor.

Like all flooring options, these are better suited to some homes more than others, for example hybrid floor cannot be laid directly over tiles, and it does not work well if in direct sunlight.

Aspire New England Blackbutt

Australian timbers – Blackbutt and Spotted Gum

Over recent months there has been a rise in requests for Australian made hardwood timber. This is the most customised style of flooring as every single aspect of the floor from colour, feature, stain and size of boards can be selected exactly to customer preference. There is no denying hardwood flooring is a classic beauty that never dates, so if your budget stretches to hardwood it is always a winner.

HM Walk 186mm Spotted Gum

Timbers colours

With the popularity of Hamptons style white-washed, lighter tones and grey timber colours are popular. Competing with the top spot is the popularity of Blackbutt which is a NSW grown timber and more blonde in colour (see image below). Sharing that position is Spotted Gum, the Queensland grown timber tends to be darker and richer in colour, whereas the NSW grown version is more orange and with so much variation it’s hard to give an exact colour – one best to see for yourself.


A flooring finish is applied to the floor to protect against dirt, moisture and wear and also gives the final look of your floor. Options include matte, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss.

Matte finish which can look like quite a raw and natural finish has been very popular for some time. We’ve recently seen an increase in the use of satin finish which gives the floor a light sheen and high-quality look.

As with all flooring choices nothing beats looking and touching in person. Our showrooms are open and our sales team are experts in advising which flooring type suits your specific requirements and specifications. We can also send samples to your home so you can compare in-situ. Contact the team to arrange your sample or visit the showroom today.