Incorporating Curves Into Your Design

The trend of incorporating curves in design is becoming more and more popular. Our Project team has definitely noticed the trend on site from exterior design of buildings (see Barangaroo House) to interior design features reflected through archways, curved kitchen islands, seating and walls. We love the opportunities it opens up to really customise a space. Find some inspiration of your own from our recent projects.

Exterior and interior
The curve game at Barangaroo House is strong. They feature from the exterior and are carried throughout the entirety of the interior of the building. Custom Tallowwood used in interior flooring, decking and ceilings.

Internal Archways
Arched dining nooks in the Babylon Restaurant align with the soft pastels and gold furnishings throughout the restuarant. Flooring: Spotted Gum Parquetry in Herringbone.

Spotted Gum Parquetry in Herringbone

Arched doorways in The Cosmic, Potts Point play homage to the heritage of the building whilst modernising the space through contemporary finishes.

Floors & Ceilings
Duck & Rice Restaurant incorporates curves from floor to ceiling, in lighting, fixtures, where timber flooring meets tile and more.

Curved furniture design
Customised curved furniture was used in our Elizabeth Bay and Paramount projects.

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