Free Apple Watch with eco+ healthier carpet!

Score a free Apple Watch valued at $599 with your purchase of eco+ carpet!

Leading the way in healthy and environmentally conscious flooring, Godfrey Hirst eco+ triexta carpets are the first residential carpets in Australia to be officially certified Declare™ Red List Free. This means that under the stringent Declare™ guidelines, eco+ contains no nasty chemicals that can cause harm to humans, for complete peace of mind and worry-free living on a luxuriously soft carpet.

To complement healthier carpets, the new series 6 Apple watch has powerful apps that make it the ultimate device for a healthier life. With an Apple watch on your wrist and Eco+ carpet on your floor a healthier life is within reach. Terms & Conditions apply.

Speak to our team of flooring experts on 1300 790 240 to find out more – hurry offer end 15 August 2021!

Eco+ Triexta – the healthier carpet

  • Made in part from renewably sourced materials
  • Chemical free cleaning with just water
  • 63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions released during fibre production*.
  • No topical treatment is needed
  • 30% less energy used during fibre production
  • Red List Free, healthier carpet certification

*Compared to nylon 6 production