Eliminate Scratches and Scuffs From Your Floors


Has more time at home got you noticing a few scuffs and scratches on your beautiful floors?

Blame the kid’s toys, the pet, or the occasional high heels being walked across your floors but no matter how careful, accidents can happen and a scratch may occur.  The good news is the solution can be a simple DIY one.



DIY Solution

The best way to remove unsightly scuffs and scratches is to colour them out. Wax crayons are available in timber-matched shades designed to hide marks in your timber floors. Simple to use, just colour in the scratch with the crayon to fill. Once completed take a wet cloth to remove any access crayon around the area.

The Mint Floors + Shutters team recommend the Tibet Almond Stick, which we also sell in our showrooms. It comes in one size, is colourless when rubbed on a scratch and easy to use.

All polished up

Hardwood is designed to last for many years when cleaned and maintained correctly. However, if flooring is heavily scratched or needs a lift consider a re-sanding and polish. Contact the Mint team for a quote today.

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