What to consider when choosing colour and character


There is a vast array of timber species which all have variations in colours and grain patterns. Which brings us to one of the things that takes the most consideration when choosing your flooring – what impacts on my choice of colour and character?

With Pinterest, Instagram, magazines and renovation shows a-plenty there is no shortage of inspiration to draw from however it’s important to understand that within every single species there can be large colour variations.

So if you have something really specific in mind here are some things to consider first:

Are you more interested in the timber species or are you after a particular colour? Depending on the answer you will need to accept colour variation in the species, or there may be a similar coloured species or mixed species that would achieve the colour you have in mind.

How will you choose, in pictures or in person? As mentuioned above, all the inspo in the world is a great starting point, but even better are samples. Samples are a good indicator of colour but remember it is still only an indication. Final colour can vary due to different trees used, the age of the trees i.e. younger trees often being lighter in colour. That said, the larger the sample panel the better – that’s why visiting a showroom and not relying completely on photos in magazines or on screens is best. You also have the advantage of discussing colour variations with flooring experts.


Timber grades is a visual means to identify features of flooring, i.e. gum veins, knots and past borer activity. Put simply this refers to the amount of natural features visable in the flooring. Something to consider when selecting your flooring, it doesn’t impact on the floors colour but shows the amount of natural characters that you find in trees. For more information on grading, visit the Australasian Timber Flooring Association website.

In short, colour and grain is dependent on the species choice and character of the floor, whereas the grade determines the features present, such as gum veins and knots.

The best way to achieve the look you are aiming for is to discuss with our team of flooring experts at Mint Floors + Shutters.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your flooring is that it will be unique in it’s grains and timber features – no two will look the exact same. Which is what makes timber flooring such a popular choice.

For more information on timber flooring visit the Mint Floors + Shutters blog.