Should I choose timber or carpet in my bedrooms?

A question that we often get asked is, “Should I continue my timber floor through to my bedrooms or install new carpet in them?”. The answer is “Yes”.

Let me explain.

Timber flooring in a bedroom offers some unique advantages that may suit your individual needs.

Some of the great benefits include:

  • Improved air quality
  • Seamless transitions at door junctions
  • A unique aesthetic.

Timber flooring in bedrooms is becoming more and more common – particularly in households with asthmatics or family members sensitive to dust.

However, the soft look and feeling of carpet cannot be denied. There is something comforting about having the warmth of carpet under your bare feet first thing in the morning.

So, what’s right for you?

That would come down to what your particular needs are. If the soft warmth of carpet is top of your list, then the decision is made. If air quality and lower levels of dust are a concern, then timber is likely right for you.

For many of us, the decision is made difficult because we are unsure of HOW to make our new carpet and timber floor selections work in harmony with each other. If this is your concern, we are here to help.

Timber choice first

When it comes to selecting your carpet and timber looks, we would always suggest starting with the timber and finding a carpet to compliment it. The reasons we feel it is best to start with the timber are:

  • The natural features and characteristics of timber can be a dominant visual feature in the home, with a little less flexibility in terms of colour and shade.
  • Generally, the timber floors will run through the higher traffic areas of the home (like entries, kitchens and living spaces) and will therefore have more building elements to tie in with (such as kitchen joinery or feature staircases).
  • The technical requirements for installing a timber floor are more onerous. These minimum requirements can at times limit the flooring types suitable for your home. Carpet selections are generally not limited in this way.

Once you have a timber selection worked out, matching the carpet tones often comes down to deciding on a contrasting or complimentary tone.

Carpet to contrast or compliment

If a contrasting tone is the look you are after, often very dark carpet (such as a deep charcoal) or very light carpet (eggshell tones) can work. It would often be a good idea to have these carpet tones reflect another finish in the home – be it a wall colour, joinery colour or even a stone colour used in wet areas.

If a complimentary colour match between your carpet and timber is what you are after, matching cooler tones of timber and carpet works well (such as a white or grey washed oak floor with a grey carpet). This principle also holds for warmer tones (such as a Red Ironbark floor with a natural wool toned carpet).

Installation made easy

Once a selection is made, it is important that the carpet and timber transition is considered carefully and executed correctly. No one wants their new timber or carpet damaged during the installation process, nor do they want a difference in finished floor heights that is then covered with an unsightly transition trim.

This is where it is an advantage to have both floor finishes completed by the one service provider. When Mint completes both your timber and carpet installations, you have the important benefits of:

  • Experts in both carpet and timber floors that can help you with your selection process.
  • Modern showrooms where you can view your selections without the need of ferrying samples around to different locations.
  • Individually tailored installation programs that take into consideration both flooring requirements – you don’t need to be the communicator between two different trades on site!
  • Customised transitions between floor finishes – including any additional works that could be required to ensure a flush transition between rooms.

So, do you want Timber or Carpet in your bedrooms? The answer is always up to you – but with Mint Floors in your corner, the decision can be based on what’s best for you and not being held back by worries over what may or may not work.

Speak to the team at Mint Floors + Shutters on how to choose the right flooring for your home.